My New BLOG: “A Plume on a Cloud”

This one always stumps me. . .what to write in the “About Me” section. Especially for one who is a deep thinker who often overthinks things. Keep it simple? Tell all? Let the audience know I’m a Bible-believing Christian that may lead some to judge this book by her cover, or let people come to their own conclusions by the content of my writings? Let people know that I’m in a major health crisis (have been for many years), am only 46 years old and have suddenly found myself in an assisted living situation? Or do I keep that to myself, as not to tempt my readers to feel pity for me? Do I want that pity? Hmmm. . .

But overall, through it all, I just love Jesus. I really do. He gives me such joy, and I just want to bring glory to Him. Hopefully, I will. Hopefully, I do!

Thanks in advance for all your comments!

Cynthia Yagi

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